media player redesign

When Microsoft rolled out the Windows 8 platform, the much beloved Windows Media Player ceased to exist. This project was an attempt to bring the Media Player into the Microsoft Metro design system as well as design a player for mobile devices. In collaboration with two other designers, the final solution maintained the Metro style, and included subtle enhancements for the mobile platform. We began by evaluating the current Media Player as well as listening behaviors across the business segment. Once we catalogued listener trends, we developed personas to map our solutions back to. Our final deliverable intended to bring the best of Windows Media Player to Mac and PC users alike.

player 3.png
player 2.png


tanz editorial

Tanz is a German periodical about dance and the performing arts. For this project, we were tasked with redesigning the magazine and creating our own content to populate within the covers. In collaboration with one other designer, we traveled to Mannhiem Germany to interview a non-traditional Opera singer. The final solution is intended for an avid theater patron, and features gold and sepia tones for a more luxurious product. Pull quotes and uniquely shaped photos are used to create movement between the spreads. Our unique twist for Tanz is to include both German and English side by side throughout the magazine.